Rotary Feeding Device Ensure Red Chili Dryer Balanced Drying

Gongyi Guoxin Machinery Factory is a professional ginger dryer supplier in Central China. Our factory is specialized in all kinds of dryers, such as red chili dryer, ginger dryer, tomato dryer and more. We also produce a series of equipment of dryer machinery and rotary kilns.
Red chili dryer are widely used in the processing of snack food, granola cereals, dehydrated vegetables and fruits, synthetic rubber, polymers, chemicals and many other industrial products.
Red chili dryer uses air to transfer heat and remove moisture as the product moves through multiple temperature zones on a conveyor bed. By adding rotary feeding device, the evenly spreading can be realized, and as there is no turnover or drops during drying, the balanced drying can be ensured.

Established in 2005, Gongyi Guoxin Machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of drying equipment in Central China, with a modern complex occupying 5,000 square meters. With the support of dedicated employees and application of over 100 advanced machines, we have built a good reputation in the industry and successfully exported our high efficient dryers to more than 90 countries and regions, including Russia, central Asia, Brazil, the United States, Europe, Middle East and so forth.
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