Compatibility of Red Chili Dryer Machine

Red chili dryer machine is consists of box, multi-layer mesh belt conveyor, electric control system and other auxiliary components. Red chili will be dried by medium-hot air, which provided by heat exchange furnace, according to the different fuels (such as coal, diesel, gas and other) we have different forms of furnace for option.

Red chili dryer machine adopt the drying process of automatic hot air circulation, automatic temperature control, mechanical exhausting moisture. It can effectively ensure the nutritional indicators of dried chili, maintain the full chili shape, bright color, inherent capsicin. According to the production requirement, the mesh belt running speed, drying temperature and humidity can be adjusted to meet the different water content, different varieties of chili. 
At the same time, red chili dryer machine compatibility, not only can be used in the chili drying processing, can also be widely used for drying a variety of materials, such as ginger, herbs, cassava and other fruit and vegetables. 
Guoxin red chili dryer machine price is much lower than the normal level of red chili drying industry, because of our large production output, mass materials purchasing and mould production. If you want to get a best Red chili dryer machine with most favorable price, pls view our website or contact us directly.
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