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South African customer chili dryer installation and working site
South African customers purchased our chili/pepper drying equipment in December 2016.
Chili type: Line Chili
Moisture: 80%-10%
Heat source: coal
Heat source system: Coal-fired heat exchange furnace (patented product)
Drying temperature: 75-80 ℃
Capacity: 2000kg / day
Purchase model: GX2-8-4L
Advantages: continuous work, low energy consumption, large output, drying temperature and speed of belt dryer can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.
chili dryer working site
Our company specializes in manufacturing chili/pepper dryers. The mesh belt dryers we produce can be used to dry more than ten different types of chili/pepper. Because of the large capacity, low energy consumption, good quality of dried products, easy installation and favor by customers and repurchase.
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