Chile sphaghnum drying test machine experiment

2020-01-08 15:36:01

   Treatment ingredients: sphaghnum

  Equipment purchased: 6 m mesh belt dryer

  Docking heat source: air energy heat pump

  In order to be able to choose the appropriate sphaghnum drying equipment, the Chilean customer came to Guoxin factory to conduct relevant sphaghnum drying experiments.sphaghnum is a very good substrate for plant cultivation. As a major export country of sphaghnum, Chile has a large amount of sphaghnum resources.In order to be able to export in large quantities, it is necessary to dry the sphaghnum and then compress and pack it for processing. At this point, the sphaghnum drying equipment is needed.

sphaghnum mesh belt dryersphaghnum mesh belt dryer
  The main purpose of the sphaghnum drying experiment conducted by the customer in Chile is to test whether the sphaghnum processed by the drying equipment is good, whether the water rehydration is good, and whether the nutritional composition and effective value are preserved.

  After the use of sphaghnum dryer test, the quality of dried sphaghnum far beyond the customer's expectations, especially the effective components of sphaghnum preservation is very good.Is the use of fully automated large continuous mesh belt dryer, the drying equipment itself has high yield, high efficiency, good drying effect, intelligent precision, good stability, the advantages of wide range of features, in addition to the sphaghnum can be dry, also can to Chile local dried vegetables, fruits and other special products of the processing, to improve efficiency at the same time, also can increase yield.

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