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Installation Of Hemp Drying Machine In America
In 2019, Mr. Ken  from Canada with his partners came to our company to discuss hemp drying machine After repeated technical communication and discussion. In the end, Mr. Ken confirm our equipment quality, technical experience, and after-sales service, ordered four sets of large GX3-12-6 and two sets of GX3-20-6 drying equipment.
hemp drying machine
After the contract is signed, our company  ship, install, and debug according to the agreement. Our engineer spent two weeks to guide the installation and commissioning of the machine. After the commissioning was completed, the customer went into production smoothly. At the request of the customer, the engineer stayed in the local area for one more month, and instructed the customer to operate the equipment proficiently and overhaul the equipment in a timely manner.
hemp drying machine
Our large model GX3-12-6 drying equipment, process 1600-2000 lbs / h, has greatly improved the hemp drying yield, shortened the drying time, and better preserved the CBD content during hemp drying.
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