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Animal offal and meat drying machine are installed and put into use in Mongolia
The meat drying machine based on heat pump technology has a good drying effect on animal offal and meat. Two drying chambers and heat pumps exported to Mongolia have been praised by customers. They are very satisfied with the drying effect of animal offal and need to purchase again Our dryers to increase production.
The meat drying machine uses electricity directly without waste heat and exhaust emissions. The temperature, humidity and circulation flow of the circulating air can be accurately and effectively controlled, with a temperature adjustment range of -20 to 75° C (with auxiliary heating device) and a relative humidity adjustment range of 15% -80% (our system is divided into time Two methods of dehumidifying and dehumidifying with humidity)
This equipment is the number of trolley layers and trays customized according to customer requirements. Each trolley has 20 layers. Each trolley can hold 40 trays. The customer has customized the size of the tray. All the material contact points are meet food-grade standards and requirements. If you have special requirements, we can also customize for you.
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