hemp drying machine
hemp drying machine
hemp drying machine
hemp drying machine
hemp drying machine
hemp drying machine

Hemp Drying Machine

From 2018, GUOXIN cooperated with the Oregon Company of the United States to bring cutting-edge drying technology to the CBD hemp market with the hemp drying machine.
CBD Extraction
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Product Description
For the drying of hemp, we have different types of dryers to meet the different needs of customers.
box hemp drying machine
Batch type hemp drying room
Environmental Effective performance:Our batch-type hemp drying room is based on the reverse Carnot cycle principle, rationally arranging the air flow direction and dehumidification system, and through the PLC control system to achieve precise temperature and humidity control, creating the most effective drying curve to get the best quality drying Drying effect, the maximum retention of terpenes and CBD, to achieve the highest drying efficiency, while being able to meet high environmental requirements.
Smart Airflow:The air flow system is composed of multiple sets of axial fans, air inlets, return air outlets and moisture exhaust fans. Intelligently adjust the humidity inside the drying room according to the specified flow direction.
Simple control:Intelligent PLC touch screen control can adjust the drying curve more accurately and set different drying stages. Simple and intelligent control of the working conditions of the drying room. Save manpower consumption.

hemp drying machine
Belt Hemp Drying Machine
UL compatible:GUOXIN dryer has passed CE and ISO certification, and the motor complies with UL and CSA standards.
Food grade:All material contacts are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food grade standards.
Efficient dehumidification:The mesh belt hemp drying machine uses a forced dehumidification system to dry quickly to achieve maximum efficiency and operating cost savings.
On-site training and commissioning:GUOXIN provides on-site engineering staff to make installation and training fast and easy.
Working Principle of hemp drying machine:
The design of the belt dryer is to use a combination of heat and air to quickly dry hemp leaves and flowers. The material evenly enters the multi-layer mesh belt system through the feeding conveyor, and the layers inside the dryer drop steadily. The moisture in the material is fully contacted with the hot air to achieve the drying effect. Finally, the material is automatically discharged through the discharge conveyor.
Technical Parameters
Model Specification(L*W*H/M) Power(kw) Heat Source Cabinet Material:
GX-6 6×2×2.5 15 You can choose the ono more convenience and economical :gas, electricity,diesel, wood,biomass,boiler; You can choose :
 stoving varnish panel ;Stainless Steel Panel;
(All mesh belt is using of food-grade 304 stainless steel)
GX-8 8×2×2.5 19
GX-9 9×2×2.5 25
GX-10 10×2×2.5 28
GX-12 12×2×2.5 37
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