food freeze dryer
food freeze dryer
food freeze dryer
food freeze dryer
food freeze dryer
food freeze dryer

Food Freeze Dryer

Food freeze dryer is the advanced drying technology which can maintain the original color, shape and nutrition of the material.
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Product Description
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Introduction of food freeze dryer
The food freeze dryer is advanced method of dehydration. The process takes advantage of the principle of ice crystal's lyopilization under purified vacuum condition,in which the water in ice form on the frozen goods can be directly lyopilized into steam without melting in advance,to get the dried goods.The fruit freeze dryer is a mechanical, refrigeration, vacuum, electric control in one integrated technology application.

integral freeze dryer
Advantages of food freeze dryer:
Electric control unit has advanced measure system which can guarantee the quality of products
The material of drying box ,condenser,evaporator,vacuum tube us stainless steel according to the require of GMP
The refrigeration system is single stage or double stage which can reach the perfect low temperature and can be conveniently operated and repaired
The vacuum system is double stage vacuum which can keep products in the best vacuum condition in order to have the drying process in a shorter term
Lower machine assembling power and energy cost,lower price
Can be designed and produced according to the requirement of the customer

Application of food freeze dryer:
Food industry: Fruit freeze dryer also can be used in the drying vegetables,meet,fish,condiment instant food and specialty,etc.Keeping the food's original fresh look,smell,taste,shape.The freeze-dried products can regain water completely and can be easily longer stored and less-costly transported.  
Nutrition and health care industry: Vacuum freeze-dried nurture products such as Royal jelly,ginseng,terrapin,rainworm, etc ,keep the final products are more natural original.
Others: Pharmaceutical industry,Biomedicine reserch,Producing adiabatic ceramic in space industry;storing of specimens and relic in archaeological industry.
Technical Parameters

Parameter of Food Freeze Dryer

ZG-1 ZG-5 ZG-10 ZG-20 ZG-30 ZG-40 ZG-50
Input Quantity(kg/batch) 10 50 100 200 300 400 500
Drying Box Dimension(DIA × L )(m) 0.7×0.7 1.0×1.2 1.2×1.5 1.4×1.9 1.5×2.3 1.7×2.5 1.8×2.5
Effective Drying Plank Area(m2) 1 5 10 20 30 40 50
Drying Plate Working
Drying Plate Difference In Temperature(℃) ±1℃
Condenser Temperature(℃) -50℃~-60℃
Condenser Water -catching Weight(Kg) 12 60 120 250 350 550 700
Max Working Vacuum Pressure(Pa) 3 3 3 3 3 9 13
Cooling Water Flow (T/H) 2 5 8 15 25 35 40
Method Of Defrosting Spray and Inundating
Working Condition Temperature 5℃~30℃  Relative Humidity<75%
Machine Power(kw) 18 28 40 60 90 130 150
Setting Dimension(m2×m) 8×2.5 25×2.5 35×2.5 45×2.5 50×2.5 60×2.5 60×2.5
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